Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd


Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd (abbreviated to Guotai Junan or the Group) is one of the most time-honored, the most complete licenses and largest comprehensive securities in China, founded on August 18th, 1999 through the merger, capital and share increase between former Guotai Securities and former Junan Securities, both of which were established in 1992. Listed in A-shares (601211.SH) in June 2015 and H-shares (2611.HK) in April 2017, the Group achieved an A+H international capital structure.

Over the past three decades of the exploration and progress, with by it always adheres to conception of client-oriented and has gone through the whole course of multiple periods of the development of Chinese capital markets, emerged as a leading large-scale comprehensive securities firm. The Group is a direct holder of six domestic subsidiaries and has 37 branches, 344 securities exchanges, 18 futures branches and 7 futures exchanges within the territory, in addition to being a direct holder of its Hong Kong subsidiary Guotai Junan Financial Holdings Ltd and an indirect holder of Guotai Junan International (1788.HK). The Group has overseas branches in Singapore, Vietnam, the US, UK and other regions, and been formed a comprehensive financial service system covering securities and futures brokerage, investment banking, equity and FICC trading, asset management, international business and many other business areas.