FISU Acting President’s Address:

Dear friends,


I am delighted to welcome you to Shanghai, for the 2024 FISU World University Championship Futsal.


Competing at the World University Championships is a career highlight for many university athletes. For others, it is a step up to the next level of performance. What they all have in common is that they meet like-minded people. May these competitions not only serve as a sporting comparison but also as an opportunity for intercultural exchange. This is of particular importance and significance in the challenging times we are all facing.


From this point of view, we are reminded of the need to prioritise sport and healthy social exchange. FISU firmly believes that university athletes are the role models and future leaders the world needs, now more than ever.


Over the following 7 days, you will compete alongside some of the best student-athletes in the world. The FISU World University Championships demand skill, athleticism, and single-minded determination to do your best. But beyond the competition, FISU urges you to take full advantage of this moment. May you return home with memories that will last a lifetime and perhaps even some new friends from faraway places.


None of FISU’s events would be possible, meanwhile, without the gracious generosity of our hosts. I want to extend our sincere gratitude to the China Student Sports Federation, the organisers for their dedication and the volunteers for their strong will to serve this event. I am confident you will do the same.


FISU is also grateful for the ongoing support of the International Sports Federations. Together, we aim to provide the highest level of technical excellence on and off the field of play. We remain convinced that the best student-athletes deserve nothing less.


I am confident that the 2024 FISU World University Championship Futsal in Shanghai will give you every opportunity to shine. I wish you the best of luck!


Leonz Eder

FISU Acting President