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Pre-Competition Procedure

The countries that register in the concerned sports shall pay a team deposit 5 months before the Championship. The deposit (5000 EUR), which guarantees entry into the selection process, shall be directly collected by FISU. If a team is not selected their deposit will be reimbursed. For the selected teams, this deposit will then be transferred to the OC as part of their total participation fee for that event.


All countries participating in 2024 FISU WUC Futsal shall bear the costs of:

  • Participation Fee

Participation fee (accommodation and event services) is 80 EUR per night and per person during the game (10 nights, from June 7 to 17, 2024). If there are more than 19 participants, participation fee is 140 EUR per person and per night for unplanned officials.

  • FISU Fee

On-site, during the accreditation process of the teams, the CIC delegate will calculate with the respective delegations the FISU fee (20 EUR per participant for FISU Member Associations and 40 EUR per participant for Non-Member Associations) to be paid to FISU. This fee is not paid on-site but invoiced to the participating delegations by FISU together with other Championships they took part in on a yearly basis.

  • International Technical Official(ITO) Cost

International referees shall be appointed jointly by FIFA and FISU. The participating delegations shall bear ITO’s costs of travel, per diem, board and lodging in proportion to the number of teams registered (from two 2 days before the opening ceremony to 1  day after the closing ceremony).

The total amount of costs shall be divided by the total number of participants and all participating countries shall pay their share in proportion to the number of their participants. OC will announce the exact sum before 10/04/2024.