OC went to Shanghai Jiaotong University to investigate the experience of hosting FISU Championships


On Sept. 24, 2020, OC of Shanghai 2022 FISU World University Championship Futsal went to Shanghai Jiaotong University. There are 9 members of OC which led by Jianxin Zhang (Event Manager of OC). The main purpose of OC is to investigate the experience of hosting FISU World University Championships.

Zuosong Chen, director of Department of P.E. of Shanghai Jiaotong University, delivered a welcome speech to the members of OC.  Donghua Liu(deputy director of Department of P.E.) and Lei Zhang(Director of General Office of Department of P.E.), the core member of the working group for hosting 2018 FISU Championships Rowing, introduced the experience of hosting the event. Finally, the members of OC asked some questions about the important work of the event, such as funding preparation, security, publicity, volunteers, foreign affairs. The event working group of Shanghai Jiaotong University gave detailed answers.