SUES participates 2023 FISU organizing committee OAS Online Seminar


September 28, FISU held an OAS online seminar for OCs, which was attended by the National University Sports Federation and universities from over 20 countries, including the UK, France, Italy, etc. The online seminar is to enable OCs of FISU WUC to better grasp the requirements for registration and accreditation. Attendees from SUES participated in the meeting in Conference Room 204 of the Administrative Building. Relevant staff from the Foreign Affairs Coordination Division (International Office, Information Office), Volunteer Work Division (Communist Youth League), and Competition Division (Department of P.E.) of OC attended the online seminar.

At the meeting, the FISU expert team gave a more detailed explanation of basic information such as invitation letter format, website construction and information release, registration and certification timeline, registration procedures, registration cases, certification procedures, and certification precautions. The FISU expert team focuses on the use and management of the FISU accreditation system (OAS). During the meeting, participants of OC from various countries also asked questions to the FISU experts on relevant issues and had active discussions to further clarify the tasks and responsibilities of event registration and certification work.

FISU World University Championship Futsal will be held at SUES from 10-16 June 2024, when over 600 players from 32 national university teams around the world will compete in this professional, international, and exciting event.